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Learn more 🔥 Durag has a great history that started in the United States. Over the generations, it has become an essential fashion accessory that looks like a bandana. The durag is so popular that it is worn by big stars all over the world but especially in the US. We have therefore decided to participate in the expansion of this fashion in US by creating our unique brand.

Durag US is the durag store of reference!

We decided to break the codes with our brand by offering durags for both men and women. Moreover, we offer more than a hundred unique designs so that each durag can complete your outfit in a hip-hop and street style that stands out from everything you usually see. Too often, the durag has been stereotyped in many ways. According to some people, the durag as it is would be for gang members and malevolent people. By creating our brand we want to break this image which is a great stereotype that affects the durag.

Durag Shop

Our durag shop offers you to reinvent your style from head to toe by wearing a headgear worthy of the name. We have many different designs like a black durag for simplicity and elegance or a velvet durag for class and soft touch, and even a white durag if you prefer the sobriety of the lighter side. As we said, we have something for everyone! Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find your happiness in our durag shop. By the way, we also have a blog to help you to better understand the history of durag, but also how to wear it and with what.

The high quality Durag store

When we started we quickly noticed that those who sold durags were selling very low quality products. So we decided to remedy this also by solving all the problems related to durag. You surely know them better than we do. Our durags do not come off easily. So you can keep your waves in place in all conditions. Whether it's wind, rain or even a hurricane, you can be sure that your durag will stay attached to your hair! Our durags don't make marks on the skull or hair. We have done everything possible to prevent your durag from making lines on your waves or your forehead. Firstly, because it is very unpleasant and it cuts off circulation, but also because it is not aesthetic and it damages your cut. We offer different materials to suit your needs. We have silk durags, velvet durags and spandex durags which are very stretchy so as not to damage your haircut and rest perfectly on your hair. In short, you can buy a durag on our store with your eyes closed without worrying about quality. Each material is specified on the durag in question to help you find your way around. If you are still wondering where to buy a durag and well we think you have your answer! We offer a range of different prices to give you both quality and style. We also have cheap durags for those who would like to discover us at a lower cost.

Durag Waves

We know how important your waves are to you. That's why we do absolutely everything for them. We propose a guide to know how to make waves with a durag, we offer everything you need to make them, wave brush, durag and even tutorials to help you in the realization of beautiful 360 waves. Know that wearing a durag all day long, and even at night has no bad impact. There are a lot of myths that say that wearing a durag too often could make you lose your hair or develop strange bacteria, but all this is FALSE. Durag lets the scalp breathe and there is no impact on hair loss. On the contrary, it can strengthen your hair by protecting it from UV rays and pollution. You will be able to get 180 waves from 720 waves or any kind of waves you want very quickly and easily by following our advice.

Why wear a durag?

All about it 🔥 There are many reasons to wear the durag. This fashion accessory is really practical in addition to being stylish! The durag was born in the United States and it has become more and more known until it arrives in other countries. There are even big celebrities who wear it.

the durag maintains the waves

As you surely know waves is a lot of work but also time. The durag allows you to maintain 360 waves 180 waves or even 720 waves. With one of our durags you can be that you have a long lasting cut and that even when the weather is bad. With a durag you can keep waves as much at night as during the day and have an intact hairstyle for the rest of your life!

enhanced hair texture

we have many different designs on each durag as well as various materials to fit your hair. For this reason the durag can improve the quality of your hair, goodbye dry hair. As you know, afro hair is basically very dry and can be complicated to style. With a silk or velvet durag you can see the quality of your hair improve, protecting it from the pollution of the sun's UV rays and even keeping the moisture of the hair fiber. In addition, if you use creams or lotions then the nourishing effect will remain more simply in contact with your waves.

best smoothing for hair

indeed, you certainly know several techniques like regular straightening or Brazilian straightening, but with these techniques the hair gets damaged in the long run, that's why you have to wear a durag, once your hair is straightened it will be able to keep its smooth shape much longer!

durag helps maintain braids

you know it if you wear braids, but this is a real daily concern. In fact, it's quite difficult to have to redo your braids frequently. With a durag, by wearing it at night you avoid rubbing at night against the pillow, the durag can even help slow down hair loss. And yes, braids can contribute to hair loss, but again the durag is the solution!

How to make waves

Learn how make waves🔥 Many people want to do waves because it is a really unique and special haircut! Even the biggest celebrities wear 360 waves. Before anything else, you need to prepare your hair and scalp. Take care of dry scalp and dandruff issues for example before moving on to the next steps.

getting the right haircut

to get waves we advise you to go to the hairdresser first of all to have your hair shortened. Having hair that is too long can be complicated for achieving waves. By cutting your hair short you can prepare your waves as early as possible and see them evolve as your hair grows, so you will see waves always evolve more.

use the right shampoo.

Hey yes every detail is important, even the products you use. There are products that are really bad for the hair and can cause shedding or dandruff. There are special shampoos for waves, so we advise you to choose that. Be careful not to overuse the shampoo though, we recommend washing your hair once or twice a week maximum, so you keep the essential oils on your hair!

brush your hair

this is the most important part of the process! You will have to invest in a wave brush and take a lot of time, because the more you will get involved in brushing the more perfect your waves will be. We recommend brushing your hair when it is moisturized. You should brush your hair from the top of your head down and out. Work in this way section by section gently and time so you can get the best waves possible.

put a durag

After brushing your hair it's time to wear a durag! If you want to get waves then you should definitely buy a durag and hang it on your head. The durag is going to help protect your hair from the friction of the outside and everything else. You can wear the durag all day and all night or just all night or even just all day. In reality there is no exact science, it all depends on you and how much you care about your waves. The silk durag is one of the most popular along with the velvet durag. We actually have a great selection of durags on our online store.