Durag for men

Master your style to perfection! 🔥

What's great about the durag is that in addition to protecting your waves, you can choose it in a color that offers you a unique style or with a pattern in total accordance with your personality. And of course, always in a quality fabric that protects your waves!

Whether you're more of a silk or velvet person, whether you're in the mood for a classic style or just downright extravagant, here's a small selection of the best durags for men that you can find in our store.

The best silk durags

#1 Royal Blue Durag

durag homme soie bleu foncé

Matte skin and dark blue is always a winning combo! 👌🏾

With this silk durag on your waves, you'll not only keep them safe from the weather, you'll also give yourself a look that's both classy and passe-partout. All day long as well as during the evening, this model goes very well. It can even enhance your outfit, especially if you wear light colors or opt for other pieces in the same tones.

If you're lucky enough to have light eyes, this dark blue will make them stand out even more, but don't worry if you have dark eyes, it'll look great too!

#2 Galaxy Durag

durag homme soie galaxy

Feet firmly on the ground but head in the stars! ✨

Hyper original, this durag features galaxies in blue and red tones. The mix is very successful, especially since it obviously extends to the bands that you will wrap around your skull. You don't want to break the style! The little extra touch is of course that the planets have not been forgotten and they are perfectly positioned on the sides of your head.

This model is great for a slightly offbeat look (but without overdoing it) and it's perfect to spice up an outfit that you find a little too classic.

#3 Fireball Durag

meilleur durag homme soie fireball

This durag is fire! 🔥

If we called it Fireball, it's not for nothing: it's like dozens of fireballs exploding in a dark night. The result is as surprising as it is hyper masculine, and this mix of black, gold and white is just what you need to get noticed. This is clearly not a model that goes unnoticed and that's exactly why we love it! 👍🏾

Thanks to this color combination, it's also suitable for all skin tones, whether yours is dark or rather light. And of course, thanks to the softness of the silk, you can be sure you'll feel great in it!

#4 Blue Silk Durag

meilleur durag homme soie fresh

The summer freshness!

If blue tones are a must, this durag here opts for a lighter, cooler blue, perfect to go with a summer look. ☀️ Especially since, thanks to the ubiquitous light colors, you'll be downright less hot, even in the sun. No one notices it at first glance but it dares in addition the little flowery touch, at the top for a Hawaiian style of the most trendy at the moment.

Silk is still doing wonders here because thanks to this high quality fabric, comfort is at the rendezvous, especially since the mesh is slightly stretchy so you never have the impression of having your head stuck in a vice!

#5 Durag Money

meilleur durag homme soie dollar

Perfect if you like to be the center of attention!

With this Dollar durag, you can be sure that you'll attract stares, some nice and some clearly less so. 🕶️ In line with those worn by American rappers, it's uncompromising and the message is clear. But don't worry, if you're just hanging out with your buddies or wearing it to parties, you'll probably get nothing but compliments on it.

The pattern is already present, but we still advise you to avoid overload by wearing it with a sober outfit and basic colors, even in streetwear mode.

The best velvet durags

#1 Blue Velvet Durag

meilleur durag homme velours bleu

With the pattern that makes all the difference!

Velvet alone is already a fabric that gives durag a real style, with more texture and more highlights. So you can be sure that with this design in a stylish midnight blue and contrasting white details, you'll look great. This is the kind of bandana that you can totally wear during the day but will look even better with a worked look. 👍🏾

Since blue is quite dark, it's best that you don't wear it with colors that are too bright: we recommend black, white, or why not a dark red.

#2 Bandana Durag Hip Hop

meilleur durag homme velours hip hop

A rapper style without overdoing it! 🕶️

With its dark gold color, this durag is perfect to give you style and get you noticed no matter where you go. This color was chosen to highlight your black skin and what's even better is that it also allows you to wear any outfit you want. It goes with any color so feel free to indulge yourself! 👌🏾

In addition to the velvet fabric, this model also contains a bit of spandex, so it's super comfortable to wear. It really has everything to become your favorite durag!

#3 Bandana Durag

meilleur durag homme velours bordeaux

Who says burgundy is just for women?

With its rich color, which is far from being only feminine, this durag will make you look like a real king. The contrasting details are really stylish and it's typically the kind of style you can wear with a simple white oversized tee or a nice royal blue shirt. Either way, you'll be rocking the style! 🔥

And know that thanks to a little spandex, the fabric of this model is hyper flexible, so you can wear it with pleasure every day: it will never tighten your head too much.

#4 Durag Satin

meilleur durag homme velours satin

For a unique look!

The satin aspect mixed with velvet, you will clearly not find better to stand out with your durag. It brings you the little aesthetic detail that makes all the difference! ✨ With this beautiful blue, it additionally goes to all men, whether your skin is dark or rather light. No reason to deprive you of it.

Especially since it's also super comfortable thanks to its soft and elastic material that doesn't leave a trace on your skin. You'll love wearing it, especially since it's made to perfectly protect your waves and take care of your hair.

#5 Durag with Patterns

meilleur durag homme velours fleuri

Dare to be exotic and summery in style! ☀️

If you value standing out from the crowd with what you wear, this floral durag is clearly for you. With its colorful, floral pattern, all on a black background, it's perfect for giving you a unique look... without losing any virility!

The pattern being present, we obviously advise you to marry it with an outfit that does not multiply the number of colors. But on the other hand, you clearly don't have to be sober: black, red or even yellow, everything goes!

The best durags for a classic style

#1 Black Durag

meilleur durag homme classique noir

The must-have model! 👍🏾

This black durag is the one you can wear anytime, whether during the day or at night, and what's more, you can pair it with any outfit. Black goes with everything, it's a color that suits all men, especially since it easily highlights your natural complexion.

It is the sobriety in all simplicity, you are classy without making a fuss! Go for a total black look, combine it with white or dare the commando pattern ... in any case it goes perfectly.

#2 Red Satin Durag

meilleur durag homme classique rouge et doré

To not fall into the basic!

The durag is still an accessory with which you can create a real style, and even if you want to remain quite classic, you can allow yourself small details that allow you to stand out. And that's exactly what this model offers you, with its golden edges that contrast with the red of the fabric.

We advise you to wear it with a sober outfit in terms of colors (light tones, in particular) so that it stands out well but that your overall look is not too extravagant!

#3 Durag Grey

meilleur durag homme classique gris

All in sobriety and elegance!

Gray is clearly not a dull color, and this durag proves it well, whether with its satin fabric with rich reflections or with black edges that enhance the whole. It's also a model that has no trouble highlighting your black skin and can be worn with any outfit, from the most classic to the most eccentric.

Without frills, it is clearly a durag that you can also wear at night to protect your waves. Especially since it's super comfortable and you'll feel comfortable in it! 👌🏾

#4 Green Durag

meilleur durag homme classique vert foncé

The perfect alternative to black!

If you like dark colored durags, you should definitely go for this dark green with white contrasting edges. It goes perfectly with dark outfits and white clothing, and it has the added advantage of being worn quite infrequently by men: so you're making yourself unique but not overdoing it. 🕶️

You can also choose a less classic look by pairing it with a colorful outfit, wearing burgundy, for example, but we still advise you to go easy on the colors!

#5 Durag Orange

meilleur durag homme classique orange

For a splash of color!

You think you'll escape the classic style by wearing an orange durag around your head? Think again! Paired with a black tee and jeans, it adds just the right amount of color to your outfit to make it stand out from the crowd, but without going overboard. Especially since the contrasting black edges are the perfect finish.

If orange is one of your favorite colors, then don't hesitate: it's a super cool color in the summer and also brings warmth in the winter! 🔥

The best durags for extravagant style

#1 Silver Durag

meilleur durag homme extravagant us rap

To feel like you're in a rap video! 🕶️

Worn by many American rappers, this durag clearly doesn't go unnoticed thanks to its shiny fabric with iridescent reflections, like those left by oil stains. What is great is that it is also in gray tones and that its reverse side is black, so as not to overdo it either!

In line with the streetwear style, you can of course wear it with a rapper's outfit so that your look is mastered in every detail!

#2 Green Camo Durag

meilleur durag homme extravagant camouflage vert

The timeless military style!

No fashion faux-pas in sight with this durag that opts for a pattern that has never gone out of fashion! And if we present it to you in green, the most essential version for a manly look, know in addition that it comes in gray, blue and even orange if you don't want to do in the half measure and go all out in the extravagance. 👍🏾

For the outfit, the camo cargo pants will obviously give the best finish to your outfit but you can also calm down the game by opting for more sober clothes!

#3 Purple Silk Durag

meilleur durag homme extravagant fluo

You'll draw the light on yourself!

With its blue and purple highlights, this durag is made to stand out. If you want to be noticed when you show up at parties, this is clearly the type of model you should wear. Know that it exists in a wide range of colors (iridescent, red, green ...) if ever you are looking for more originality.

And if we talked about evening, nothing prevents you from wearing it during the day! The reflections of the sun on its fabric make it simply gorgeous! ✨

#4 Blue Sky Durag

meilleur durag homme extravagant blue sky

With hyper trendy tie & dye effect! 👌🏾

This durag is like an explosion of blue on your head, perfect for breaking out of solid colors that lack fun but without going multicolored peace & love style. It's the little touch of extravagance that doesn't stop you from still putting on your everyday clothes.

It is good to remember that all our models, including this one, are also made of high quality fabrics, comfortable to wear and which effectively protect your hair!

#5 Durag Colors

meilleur durag homme extravagant multicolore

All eyes on you!

With so much color on your head, it's clear that you can't walk down the street without people watching you. But if you like to be the center of attention, get noticed and stand out in a crowd, this durag is for you.

It will also be the perfect accessory for party nights, for a fresh style and for a look that everyone will envy you. Feel free to take it on with pride, with your natural confidence and you will look even better in it! 🔥