durag price

Photo credit: Oji Royale

The price of a durag generally varies depending on the fabric, the country of manufacture, etc. But it remains generally very affordable.

We'll explain that right away and at the same time take the opportunity to give you some tips on how to find the best durags at the best prices! 🤩

The material, the determining criterion

The price of a durag depends mainly on the fabric used for its manufacture!

As with any piece of clothing, the better the material, the more luxurious it is, the more expensive it is! And as durags are becoming a real fashion accessory, designers and manufacturers are getting more and more pleasure by diversifying the materials. The prices therefore vary enormously... ⚖️

To give you some indication anyway, here are the most used fabrics classified from the cheapest to the most expensive:

Each of these fabrics has its pros and cons and each offers a unique style and comfort to the durag. But you can imagine that a lace model like Rihanna might wear on a red carpet doesn't cost the same as a spandex model designed to be comfortable to wear at night! ✨

Beware of low prices!

Low price = low quality!

Unfortunately, durag does not escape the biggest flaw of the textile industry in recent decades: the decline in quality... We all like to buy cheap clothes, we enjoy ourselves easily and without spending too much, but we must admit that we are sometimes quickly disappointed!

The seams crack after a few weeks.
The colors become dull after only 2 washings.
The fabric shrinks and it doesn't fit anymore!

This is definitely why, as with all clothing, be wary of low prices on durags :

Less than 10$ ? You're clearly taking a risk !
Less than 5$ ? Forget it, there's no point, it'll be 💩!

And that's without mentioning the fact that by choosing a very small price, there are also chances that you'll fall on a model that will damage your hair or leave traces on your skin...

How much does a durag cost?

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality one either! 💸

Although its price depends greatly on the fabric used and the country in which it was made:

👉🏾 A durag usually costs between 15$ and 30$.

So it's a small accessory that remains completely within the reach of your wallet! So of course, we're talking about the most classic models here, those made of polyester, spandex, velvet or even silk. If you want to wear a durag in a more luxurious material, it will probably cost you a little more!

✔️ This price range is actually the one we decided to use for the durags in our store.

Our women's and men's collections even start at 12$, which we feel is the right price to make people enjoy :

✔️ An excellent quality of manufacture
✔️ A fabric that you will find pleasant to wear
✔️ A price quite accessible for your budget

So don't hesitate to go and discover it, you'll enjoy the largest selection at the best price! 🔥