how to wear durag

The new trendy fashion accessory! πŸ”₯

The durag history is very interesting and full of things to know you can check it now if you wanna know more about it !

Unfortunately, it took several decades for the negative image associated with durag to be definitively eradicated but it's finally done. Gone are the days of prejudice: whether it's to preserve your waves or to give you a real style, you can totally wear it every day!

But you're wondering how to wear it right?

You've come to the right place! We'll tell you right now how to tie it around your head, what are the different ways to wear it, but also what kind of outfit you can wear it with.
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How to put a durag ?

Some basic rules
A durag is not tied anyhow! β›”

To wear it well, it is essential to follow a few little rules. Don't worry, it's nothing complicated: it's usually just to make it look as good as possible. ✨

Here's what to think about every time you put it on your head:

βœ”οΈ The center seam should always be in line with your nose, right in the middle of your skull. The symmetry should be perfect.

βœ”οΈ The durag should reach as far as the top edge of your eyebrows. It should never cover them!

βœ”οΈ The ties should be rolled up in a nice flat way. In addition to feeling them less, the goal is also that the knotting doesn't look sloppy.

βœ”οΈ If you plan on wearing it for many hours at a time, consider putting it on backwards, seam up. That way it won't leave a mark on your waves!

βœ”οΈ When you first start out, use a mirror to put it on correctly. The gesture will then quickly become more mechanical.
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Tie it for the day

Putting your durag on correctly is no big deal! πŸ‘πŸΎ

In addition to following all the directions we just mentioned, here are the steps you need to take to properly tie it around your skull:

πŸ‘‰ 1. Place the durag on your head.
πŸ‘‰ 2. Position it so that it covers all your hair.
πŸ‘‰ 3. Take the 2 ties in your hands and pull them back.
πŸ‘‰ 4. Make sure to pull them over your ears.
πŸ‘‰ 5. Make them cross at the back of your skull.
πŸ‘‰ 6. Bring them back to the front and cross them this time at your forehead.
πŸ‘‰ 7. Pull them back again, still above your ears.
πŸ‘‰ 8. Then tie a knot to hold them in place.

You'll probably want to tighten the ties around your skull pretty tightly to keep your durag from moving around during the day, but it's best to go easy on it: tightening too tightly could cause you headaches, or even impede your blood flow. πŸ€•

However, once the ties are secure, don't hesitate to pull the flap down a little. This will allow to well plaster your durag against your skull, of what to compress your hair effectively (that it is to keep it smooth or to support the waves).

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Tying it for the night

Better to avoid knots to sleep well! πŸ’€

Wearing durag all night is not surprising: it's even advisable to wake up with an almost perfect hairstyle! But the traditional tying method poses a problem in that it's not very pleasant to feel a knot on your head while you're sleeping.

So here's how to properly put it on for the night:

πŸ‘‰1. Place the durag upside down on your head.
πŸ‘‰2. Position it so that it covers all your hair.
πŸ‘‰3. Take the ties in your hands and wrap them around your skull.
πŸ‘‰4. Go through the back first, then the front, then the back again.
πŸ‘‰5. Instead of tying a knot, then hold them with an elastic headband (sporty or not).
πŸ‘‰6. Remember to secure the ties under the headband.
πŸ‘‰7. Then fold the flap.
πŸ‘‰8. Block it under the headband as well.

Obviously, the thinner the headband you wear, the less distracting it will be during the night! And while it's not a requirement to come and block the ties and flap under the headband (especially since it can add thickness), it still allows your durag to stay in place all night.

At least, this way, you're sure that it won't slip off, even if you move a lot in your sleep!

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The different ways to wear the durag

With the knot in the back

This is the most classic way to wear the durag! πŸ˜„

If you just have to follow the indications we just gave you, know on the other hand that this knot at the back allows you to opt for 2 different styles: with the flap left free (that is to say, hanging at the back of your neck, along your nape) or on the contrary, with the flap folded and tucked inside the knot.

There are many reasons to fold the flap. You can do it for aesthetics, to give your look a more serious look or even to be less hot. Whatever the reason, you'll need to carefully fold the flap inside the bow first so that it doesn't create a big lump that won't look good!

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With the bow on the side

To bring a little more style! 😍

Tying a knot on the side is really not complicated. The first few steps are exactly the same as the classic tie. The difference comes just as you wrap the ties around your skull: just stop with one on your side and use the other to tie the knot.

For even more style, you can make any kind of knot: a simple one, one with loops, etc. It's up to you! Since it's much more visible, it's a great opportunity to stand out. As for the ties, you can leave them hanging or hide them under the knot.

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With the bow on the front

A front bow for a unique and original look! 🀩

Even if it's not the most common way to wear a durag, know that you can also make your knot on the front. The steps to tie it this way are again the same. You wrap the ties around your head, making sure to lay them flat, and you tie your knot on the front instead of the back.

To be perfectly honest, you'll probably realize very quickly that wearing your durag this way is not the most practical. Especially if you have to drive or even eat: the ties tend to be a bit awkward! But if you're really into your style, you can shift them so that they don't fall in the middle of your face but are above one of your eyes.

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What to wear a durag with?

It goes perfectly with any look! πŸ’£

There was a time when durag was mostly synonymous with casual wear. It was worn at home, to take care of your hair, so you didn't pay too much attention to what you wore with it... Then came the era of 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Nelly when it was a symbol of streetwear. It was then mostly associated with large t-shirts and baggys, and sometimes a cap was even put on top. But that was in the 90's, when it was basically linked to the hip hop trend! πŸ‘Ÿ

πŸ”₯ Today it has become a real fashion accessory, so it can be worn with any outfit, as much by women as by men for that matter.

With its recent resurgence in popularity, the fabrics used to make it are increasingly diverse. In addition to the classic silk and velvet ones, it is even possible to find satin or cashmere models, proof that it can also be luxurious. πŸ’Ž

As for the colors and patterns, they are also increasingly numerous. The basics are obviously still the most popular, but you can also choose a much more original version, with fluorescent or glittery colors, or with patterns like flowers, flames, camouflage, leopard or even money, skulls, etc.

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With all this choice, you can easily coordinate your durag with your look of the day. Of course, you can always wear it with a street style, but you can also pair it with a more formal outfit. And the various celebrities who have worn it on the red carpet have also proven that with the right fabric and color (and sometimes even a touch of gems like for Rihanna), it also goes great with an elegant evening dress! πŸ•ΆοΈ

We saw a lot of people wearing it with an oversized Japanese style.The durag can perfectly adapt to Japanese Streetwear. Colorful or classic it's up to you!

Gone are the days when durag only matched one clothing style: now you can wear it with whatever you like! ✨