Is it bad to wear a Durag all day?

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that the durag is a must-have accessory, as much for hair style as for clothing style.

But is it wrong to wear it all day?

Between the benefits and the inconveniences, we make the point to bring a clear answer!

What are the benefits of wearing a durag all day?

Without durag, no 360 waves! 🔥

This is probably the main interest of wearing this accessory throughout the day: after a brushing session, you put on your durag and at least like that you are sure that the hair stays in place, well plastered against the skull. 👍🏾

There are also other benefits to not leaving it all day:

✔️ It keeps our hair intact (we're thinking especially of all those little hairs that might escape a little too quickly from the locks, for example).

✔️ It improves the texture of our hair, especially by avoiding premature drying of the hair fiber when we just did a treatment to make our hair silkier!

✔️ It is even a very good ally during summer days given that it protects both from the sun while absorbing some of the sweat from the forehead and scalp.

Wearing a durag all day long has many advantages, not to mention the style it offers! A true fashion accessory, it is sometimes the element that perfectly completes a look, the little touch that makes all the difference. ✨ And for this reason alone, it's impossible to imagine removing it during the day...

What are the disadvantages of wearing a durag all day?

There are a few inconveniences to note though! 🙁

When it comes to 360 waves, the durag is obviously not the only thing that comes into play. It's not enough to wear it all day to create beautiful waves, you have to take it off every now and then to brush your hair. And above all, you have to remember to wear it upside down, seam up, so as not to risk leaving a trace!

Other drawbacks include:

Poor blood circulation and marks on the forehead (but that's only if you tighten your durag very tightly around your skull).

Discomfort during the summer: although it protects from the sun and absorbs some perspiration, it can quickly start to itch underneath if it's ever very very hot!

On the other hand, if there is a myth about wearing durag for long hours, it is the fact of observing a loss of hair afterwards. The durag would have to stay in place for days and days and the scalp would not be able to breathe anymore to observe this kind of phenomenon!

Conclusion: Is it wrong to wear a durag all day?

No, simply put! 👌🏾

It's not recommended to wear it constantly night and day, you have to let your hair and skull breathe, but there is no contraindication to wear a durag all day.

To get 360 waves or to create a top look, it is even rather advised to put it on as often as possible!