Waves with just a Durag: Is it possible?

It would be so much easier!

The 360 waves allow you to create a unique and very stylish look. On that note, we can all agree! ✨

But just ask someone who already wears waves and they'll say that you have to be willing to put in the time to get that perfect aesthetic...

Is there an easier solution?
Is it possible to get waves with a durag only, for example?

We give you the answer here after some explanations, and we prefer to warn you right away, you should not expect a miracle! 😢

What is the purpose of the durag for waves 360?

  • If there is an essential accessory to obtain beautiful waves, it is the durag!
During the entire process of creating waves, the durag plays a very specific role:

✔️ It allows to keep the humidity of the hair fiber so that the hair does not dry out.
✔️ It flattens the hair against the skull and holds it in place so it doesn't get too full.
✔️ It helps prevent rubbing against the pillow at night.

So it has several functions, and without it, it's impossible to expect to get waves. It is a key element in the hair routine since it is thanks to it that the hair will have the right texture, the right hold, etc.

But is it enough to get 360 waves without doing anything else? Not really...

Can we just use the durag to get waves?

The durag must in fact be associated with another accessory: the brush !

For 360 waves, durag and brush don't work without each other.

👉🏾 Brushing the hair properly is a must for creating waves in the hair but without durag to protect it afterwards, those waves will never form.

👉🏾 And conversely, you may put a durag on your head to properly flatten your hair, but if you don't brush it first, your waves will never appear!

❌ So it's simply impossible to get 360 waves just with a durag, the process is a bit more complex and nobody can escape it!

This hairstyle requires quite a bit of effort because in addition, it is not just a small brushing from time to time that you need to perform but daily brushings, evenly all around the head and often several times a day.

The durag just comes in to protect your work and ensure you're not doing all this for nothing! 👍🏾

What else is needed for waves?

In particular, the durag and brush should be accompanied by care! 🧴

To create beautiful waves, we must leave nothing to chance, and this also includes the care used on the hair. It is necessary to :

  • A shampoo adapted to the nature of the hair
  • A conditioner for curly hair
  • An ointment to promote waves

Clean, well-moisturized hair is the little help that makes 360 waves happen. As you can see, you can't get waves just by putting on your durag overnight or even by wearing it during the day.

You're bound to have to wash your hair, moisturize it, brush it and protect it to get the best result! 🔥