Why are Durags Sometimes Banned?

A reaction sometimes difficult to understand!

Closely linked to black culture, durag does not yet live in peace. Often criticized, sometimes even banned, it still conveys a negative image, although there is absolutely no reason for it.

In which situations is it forbidden? And why? Here is all you need to know about it!

In what situations is Durag prohibited?

It is especially in the United States that it happens!

Although the durag is increasingly worn in the US, it finds its roots on the other side of the Atlantic where it has been for several decades already considered a real cultural symbol. It's the whole black American community that claims it and unfortunately, it doesn't always go down well... 😕

Contrary to what one might think, the bans on durag are rather recent since they date back to the beginning of the century:

❌ in 2001 by the NFL, the American soccer league
in 2004 by the NBA, the basketball league

This prohibition to wear durag initially concerned only professional sports activities. Under the guise of a new rule that defined these pieces of cloth as "potential hazards" (in the same way as simple bandanas, by the way), they were banned under helmets during practices as well as during games.

This decision can be understood since due to the length of fabric on the back of the neck, they can truly present risks. ✋🏾 But it was mostly made in a period where the durag, after its rise in popularity during the hip hop movement of the 90s, was perceived by a large part of the American white population as an accessory of delinquents, thugs, ghettos...

The decision of these leagues, beyond the clearly racist and disrespectful aspect of a culture and traditions, was then surely to protect the reputation of their sport, their player, etc.

❌ More recently, since 2018, various American high schools are also trying to ban durag from their schools. Principals usually feel that they do not fit the "dress code", that they are not proper attire. Again, latent racism is to blame: that piece of cloth wrapped around the skull would still be associated with gang culture...

But thankfully, these bans usually fall off eventually! 💪🏾

Is durag banned in the US?

No prohibition to be noted by us!

Because our history with this accessory is less complex than that of the United States, there is no law specifically prohibiting the wearing of the durag. However, as a headgear, it may not be allowed in certain situations, especially when playing sports: since it covers the neck, it presents strangulation risks, it can get caught in equipment, etc. 🤐

In schools, it also falls into this overall category of headgear. Just as wearing a cap is prohibited during class, teachers can request that a durag be removed.

However, it has nothing to do with the ban on wearing the veil. This restriction is based on the principle of respect for secularism, the veil being a religious symbol. As durag has no relation to any religion, it cannot be banned on this principle! 🔥